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Recycling Contruction and Demolition Waste

Bin Master are serious about diverting as much waste as possible from landfill. Where your bin contains material than can be diverted from landfill, we will separate and sort the material before diverting it to recycling and re-use centres.

Bin Master are leaders in recycling household waste in Illawarra and Wollongong. We sort through all the waste that we collect in our skip bins, separating the recyclable materials and disposing of them ethically. Recycling costs significantly less than sending household waste to landfill, so doing this enables us to keep our skip bin hire prices lower while also operating in a sustainable manner.

If you’d like more information about our recycling process or what types of materials are recyclable, please get in touch on 02 4256 2008

What Types of Household Waste Can Be Recycled?

A lot of the waste and debris from home construction and renovation projects can recycled. These include:

  • Steel and other metals
  • Timber and hardwoods
  • Bricks
  • Tiles
  • Concrete
  • Gyprock

We can also recycle all types of green waste including tree trimmings, branches and other plant matter. Dirt and soil can be recycled but it needs to be separated in its own skip bin (whereas other recyclables can be all mixed into one skip).

There are some types of household waste that we do not accept and which we cannot recycle for you. These include chemicals and liquids, gas bottles and tyres.

We can collect and dispose of non-friable asbestos but it must be contained in our special asbestos hazibags – learn more about that here.

Discounted Pricing for Recyclable Waste:

We price each of our skip bins individually based on the type and quantity of waste that you plan to put in the bin. As recyclable waste doesn’t incur the same landfill surcharge that non-recyclable waste does, this individualized pricing structure enables us to pass on any savings to our customers.

We also offer some discounts to customers who separate their recyclable waste – for example, if your skip bin only contains green waste, it will be priced lower than a skip bin that contains a mixture of green waste, concrete and steel.

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Recycling and Waste Management Reporting:

Bin Master provide comprehensive waste management reporting on commercial projects, but you can still request a standard waste management report for your domestic project which may assist you in your compliance obligations. Talk to us about your requirements.

Household Waste Recycling

Get in touch with Bin Master to discuss our recycling processes and capabilities for household waste. Call 02 4256 2008