Frequently Asked Questions

What size skip bin do I need?

This is the question we are asked the most. The size of the skip you require depends on the amount of waste you have. Some people think that a 2 cubic meter skip bin is 2m x 2m x 2m which is not correct. These measurements would be the equivalent of an 8 cubic meter skip bin.

The skip bins come in different configurations and you can look at the different sizes in the range on our Skip Sizes page. Let me just say we hardly ever get bins back that have not been filled to the rim and if a customer thinks they can get away with a mini size, they usually end up having to order another bin anyway.

Also keep in mind how the rubbish or waste will be loaded into the skip bin. A brickwork BBQ that you estimate takes up 2 cubic meters of space will take up more than 2 cubic meter in a skip bin, unless you go to the effort of placing each brick neatly in the bin.

Do I get a discount when I order more than one bin?

Our price is based on the costs to deliver and collect the skip bin and the price to dispose of that amount and type of waste. We will give you our best price for this service based on the type of waste you have to dispose of. Unfortunately we don't get any further discount at the waste depot based on the volume of waste we take there. Therefore the second, third bin etc. is the same price.

What can and can't I put in a skip bin?

When you book the bin we will discuss with you what you can put in that bin for the price we have given you. You can save costs by agreeing to segregate or separate certain wastes, or leaving out certain items. For domestic household waste, generally our restrictions are no chemicals, no liquids, no biological waste, no tyres and no food waste. For the home renovation project the restrictions are no fibro (including old villaboard from wet areas). For all general skip bins, any waste categorised as hazardous, e.g. asbestos, is prohibited. We also prohibit any dirt/soil in any mixed bin, dirt/soil can only be put in a designated bin on its own. Check out the Waste Types page for more detail.

What about asbestos?

We DO hire specialised skip bins specifically for transport of asbestos waste to the licensed facility. Asbestos containing material must never be placed in a skip bin other than these specialised asbestos skip bins. Our Conditions or Hire prohibit the inclusion of asbestos containing material in a general hire skip bin and to do so would contaminate the skip bin and the costs to rectify the decontamination can be well over $1000 in some instances. Please phone us to discuss your requirements.

How long can I keep the skip bin?

Our standard term of hire for casual hire is five (5) days and we can extend to seven (7) days for the same price. If you are doing a renovation or construction project we are able to negotiate extended hire terms depending the volume of bins anticipated for the project.

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