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Bin Master have a proven track record in successfully co-ordinating waste management services for major development sites across the region. From public hospital and shopping centre redevelopments to multi-storey new builds, most major players in the region have benefited from the priority service we provide. Our reputation sees us move from job to job and keeps our business sustainable.

We work with our major clients to achieve the highest diversion of C&D waste from landfill. Audited to comply with Green Star certification for Waste Management Reporting Criteria, Bin Master’s comprehensive Waste Management Reports are highly valued by site management teams.

Our large range of skip bins, ancillary equipment and fleet of four late model Hino/WestTrans vehicles in various capacities ensure we have the equipment for every job.

  • 1.5 m3 crane bins
  • 2.0 m3 crane bins
  • 2.0 m3 lidded food bins
  • 2.0 m3 skip bins
  • 3.0 m3 skip bins
  • 4.0 m3 skip bins
  • 6.0 m3 skip bins
  • 8.0 m3 skip bins
  • 12 m3 skip bins
  • Concrete wash-out trays
  • Asbestos Hazibags