Prohibited and Accepted Waste Types

When you have rubbish or waste to dispose of, it is very important that you understand what type of material is prohibited in our skip bins. A load containing prohibited material is not accepted at local landfills. Contamination of the load can cost $475.00 per tonne for disposal, along with transport costs of $500.00. If you are in doubt about any material, give us a call.

Prohibited in Skip Bins:

Any old fibro, villaboard or old loose insulation (see note 8 below)
Any other suspect Asbestos Containing Material (Phone for special pricing on ACM)
Liquids (including paint tins with wet paint inside)
Hazardous material
Biological waste
Putrescible waste (household garbage)
Dirt or Soil (allowed at additonal cost)
Synthetic Grass or Rubber Backed Carpet (allowed at additional cost)
Food or Other Kitchen Scraps/Garbage

Categories of Accepted Waste:

1. General Household

Can include a wide range of household items such as appliances, whitegoods, furniture, toys, cardboard/paper, metal and plastic itms. Mattresses can be included but they take up a lot of space. It is more cost effective to call Soft Landing on 4286 6100. Putrescible waste is NOT permitted. Putrescible waste is generally "garbage" that you would normally put in your weekly Council bin such as food, disposable nappies, etc.

2. Yard Clean-Up

Can include most items usually found around the yard such as bricks, pavers, tiles, rocks, green waste, outdoor furniture, metal. No dirt or soil permitted (separate bin for dirt and soil only). No rubber backed symthetic grass (special pricing applies).

3. Construction Waste New Build

Most waste generated from a new construction can be placed in a skip bin.

4. Construction Waste Renovation/Demolition

Timber, bricks, metal, concrete, tiles, carpet are all ok (Note:large volumes of rubber backed carpet - special pricing applies). Only old fibro and villaboard that is stamped "does not contain asbestos" is accepted in general bins. Other acceptable evidence includes stamped Council house plans or land title post 1987, otherwise you must provide a certificate from a NATA certified laboratory . Please phone to seek advice on this. Remember you will be responsible for all costs to rectify contamination of prohibited material. No dirt or soil.

5. Excavation

This usually consists of VENM (virgin excavated natural material) or ENM (excavated natural material). Dirt and soil can only go in a designated separate bin and not mixed with any other waste. Bins contaminated with dirt/soil mixed with other waste, can incur addtional pricing.

6. Deceased Estate

Similar items to general household

7. Commercial Clean-out

Usually paper, cardboard, plastics, electronics, office furniture, partition walling

8. Certified Non Asbestos Fibro and Villaboard

It is impossible to ascertain whether old fibro or villaboard contains asbestos without certification which involves testing in a NATA Certified Laboratory. The cost for the certification is usually under $100.00 and well worth obtaining if you have old fibro or villaboard in a renovation. This certification, if negative for asbestos, allows you to put old fibro or villaboard in a general waste skip bin. The other forms of certification we will accept include Council stamped plans confirming build date after 1987 (or similar official documentation), or a manufacturer's imprint on the actual sheet confirming it does not contain asbestos. If you breach our Conditions of Hire and place uncertified suspect asbestos material in the bin you will be liable for decontamination charges whether or not you believe, or someone else has told you, that it is not asbestos. If you do have suspect asbestos material, we can provide a skip bin for disposal, please call for pricing.

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